Tourist farm Košir’s amenities

We offer suites and rooms with an additional option of a homemade breakfast with local produce, such as brick oven baked break, homemade jams, cheese, yoghurt, milk, etc. Breakfast is served in the so-called “kmečka izba” – a rural, country living room. It is named after the farmhouse oven (so-called “kmečka peč” – a large ceramic oven, which was the center of alpine-country life). The ornaments on it are engravings of Slovene national regional costumes and represent a traditional Slovenian country wedding. This oven is used to traditionally bake bread and “potica” (traditional Slovene nut roll). In winter time, this “kmečka peč” conjurs up a magical, warm athmosphere. Free parking is also available. For bikes, motor bikes and other sporting equipment, a secure garage is at your disposal.

Accomodations include:

infrared (IR) sauna (up to three people)

An infrared sauna functions on the basis of infrared beams that penetrate the body, thus warming up body tissue, which has a positive effect on the whole muscular-skeletal system. It has been proven as an effective therapy for healing sporting injuries and rheumatic illnesses. An IR sauna works deep-tissue, thus being more effective. The temperature within varies between 50 and 60 °Celcius. It is especially recommended for people not heat-conditioned for Finnish saunas. One may expect pleasant warmth and humidity up to 25 % in an infrared sauna. Because of its low temperature it is considerably safer for people with cardio-vascular health issues.

Some of the positive effects of an infrared sauna include:

  • it accelerates the burning of fat cells and is thus a viable cellulite treatment
  • it improves metabolism, blood circulation and strengthens the immune system
  • detoxication (eliminates heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine and holesterol)
  • generally renews and cleans the skin, improves mood, health and resistance to diseases

It is recommended to use the sauna for 30 min on alternate days Please follow the safety instructions found under the house rules

Recreational fitness center:

it is situated in the basement. The equipment is designated for recreative fitness exercise. All fitness equipment is of good quality and durability and at the disposal of anyone who not only wishes to do something for their body and health, but also wants to keep in top shape.

  • Kettler "Basic" is a multi-purpose exercise machine: it is possible to do many types of exercises – crunches, upper body excercises, as well as leg, biceps and other types of workouts.

  • Kettler "Apollo". Inversion table excercises are recommended by sports medicine and orthopedists, as they soothe spinal disk pain, preventing further aches. It also relaxes overstrained muscles.

  • crunch bench “Energetics”

  • Kettler "Carat" excercise bike

  • elliptical bikes “Orbitrek”

  • stepper

  • additional fitness equipment:

    • exercise mat

    • medicine ball “Body Coach”

    • foot weights “Active”: 2x 2kg

    • Ankle and wrist weights “Energetics”: 2x 1,5

    • arm weights: 2x 1,25 kg, 2,5 kg, 3,75 kg

    • ressistance and elestic bands (red = lighter, blue = heavier)

    • skipping rope

    • ball.

The posters/pictures on the wall provide instructions or ides for exercises. For your leisure, there is a smaller radio- and satellite-TV provided in the recreational fitness center.

There are also many other ways to pass your time:

  • badminton (with net)

  • bowls

  • frisbee

  • ball games (volleyball, basketball)

  • archery (shooting a target with a bow) -> in the presence of parents and on a mowed lawn

  • wooden sledge 

  • plastic shovels for sledding

There is a tourist information board with flyers in our suites building, where you can organize your day of sightseeing. With the board’s help, you will be able to organize a trip to our natural and cultural heritage sites or you can ask us for advice. After your trip, you can use the recliners on our lawn to rest or mingle with our family and friends on the patio behind the house. During the winter, you can use the open space behind the house for cross-country skiing, making snowmen, igloos, snow castles, snow angels, snowball fights – anything you want. Or you could go sledding on the slope that was one of the first of Bloudeks ski jumps (45 m) and one of the first ski jumps in ex-Yugoslavia (PHOTOS).