About us

Tourist farm Košir’s wide selection speaks for itself. Guests who return mean the most to us.

Tourist farm Košir has a long tradition, as the first guest signed our guest book on 23rd July 1902. In the 19th century our ancestors devoted themselves not only to innkeeping and tourist activities, but also to forestry, the saw mill industry and wood trade. One of our family members was also a professional hunter, who would not only manage the woods, but also take distinguished guests on hunting trips. Hunting tales were told in the inn and some of them are written down in the books of the local Vid Černet.

During WWI the guest and tourist crafts were closed, therefore there were no guests on the homestead. On the last day of WWII,   the whole outbuilding was destroyed by a fire. In the aftermath of the war, the renovation proved very difficult. Despite numerous difficulties, our predecessors found a way to survive. The tourist activities continued in the neighboring building. With time, the walls of the inn were removed, the stall was emergency repaired and a house was built alongside it, which was intended for tourist activities. The aforementioned building has been kept in sound condition and used for letting rooms until 1998.

The building was last renovated by the fourth generation. On the grounds where the old stall stood, they built a newer building with a stall next to it. We rebuilt the homestead Košir with our own wood. The most work was put into the so-called “kmečka izba” – a rural, country living room. On the 100th anniversary, in 2002, the official opening of our house took place.

Tourist farm Košir offers three suites and three double rooms. The so-called “kmečka izba” (a rural, country living room) is located on the ground floor and bears its name after the farmhouse oven (so-called “kmečka peč” – a large ceramic oven, which was the center of alpine-country life). The ornaments on it are engravings of Slovene national regional costumes and represent a traditional Slovenian country wedding. The backyard is a pleasant patio for socializing and grilling. All three suites are outfitted with essential cooking equipment, TWC, satellite-TV, Wi-Fi, a telephone and a radio. The double rooms are equipped with TWC, Wi-Fi, a telephone and a radio.

Tourist farm Košir offers a chance to relax and enjoy some rare peace and quiet. It also offers an active retreat, a wide range of accommodations for couples, large and small families as well as a variety of ways to spend your vacation.